At SurveyGOLIATHS, your personal rewards are available immediately upon completion of a survey. You may redeem points for cash, gift certificates or other interesting items in our reward catalog. You must earn at least 2000 points in your account to cash out. That's it - No gimmick, no complex reward structure or fine print. You decide how to spend your survey incentives.

Every time you complete a survey with SurveyGOLIATHS, you’ll be rewarded in one of several ways...

Reward Points

As soon as you complete your panel registration profile, you will be automatically enrolled into our Reward program.

  • 1Most surveys give you an opportunity to earn Points.
  • 2500 Points = $10.00 cash
  • 3 Earn points for completing your panel profile and referring others to join
  • 4Redeem your points for cash and gift certificates

Redeem for a gift certificate

Members who have accumulated a minimum of 500 points in their account are eligible to redeem their points for various items in our reward catalog.

Redeem for cash

Earn at least 2000 points in your account and you can redeem for cash.

Win an iPad

Each month we introduce exciting gifts and prizes to our new members. Respondents who register today and complete their profile information will be automatically entered into a drawing to win a new iPad Mini.